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Hawaiian Kenpo

An effective multiple martial art self defense system. Designed for survival in street fights, Hawaiian Kenpo focuses on striking with offensive and defensive moves. Every movement in Kenpo is used for defending and immobilizing an opponent.


Arnis is the national martial art of the Philippines. It is a weapons based fighting style focused on sticks, knives and other bladed weapons. Arnis also encompasses hand to hand, joint locks, grappling, and weapon defense and disarming.


Kickboxing is a standup martial art based on kicking and punching. It stems from karate, Muy Thai, and boxing. Kickboxing is practiced for self defense, fitness, and as a competitive sport.

Jiu Jitsu

Jiu Jitsu is a grappling and ground fighting self defense, made famous by the legendary Gracie family. Jiu Jitsu is an art that teaches a smaller, weaker opponent can successfully defend themselves from a bigger, stronger opponent by taking fights to the ground and using joint locks and chokeholds to come out on top.

Welcome to the Lim Family.

Under the direction of Sōke George Lim, with schools in Arizona, Wyoming, South Dakota, Portugal, Austria, Sweden, and Germany, we honor past & present Masters of the Hawaiian martial arts with a martial arts family that circles the globe. Through our teaching we are able to encourage our students to stretch their limits, build their confidence, and make their dreams a reality. To us, martial arts is more than a way to defend oneself. It is our life & passion.

What they say about us…

My family loves training here! The main reason we love it is because Sensei truly loves what he does. And it shows in the classes! He is wonderful with kids of all ages! His ability to balance structure and control of the class with nurturing and patience really makes this a great learning environment. Great for all levels! I love that it’s family oriented! Highly recommend!

Khrystyn C

I love, love, love this place. Sensei has the most patience and is amazing with kids. I recommend it to everyone, but especially kids. I cannot say enough about how great it is!

Becca L

Lim Family is one of the few and best Ohanas I had met! Much peace and respect!

Nelson P

Great training center. Sensei lim is dope. Just sayin…..

Steve H

A true Martial Arts Ohana
Many blessing From Kapu Martial Arts

Nick RubioKapu Karate
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