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Born in beautiful San Diego, California, Sensei Mikey Lim started his martial arts training as a child in Hawaii Kenpo under his father, Sōke George Lim. Mikey Lim was promoted to black belt directly from his father, George Lim – Lim Family Martial Arts. He is currently training in and teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. By learning Jiu Jitsu he felt complete, knowing he could protect himself and his loved ones not only by hand to hand combat, but also on the ground. Sensei has medaled in every Jiu Jitsu competition he has fought in. His hope is to see the San Diego Lim Family school grow. His plans are to share what he has learned from his instructors and competition and carry on a proud family tradition. Sensei’s hobbies are DJ-ing, riding motorcycles, surfing and knife collecting. When asked what his dreams are he replied, “I’m living my dreams.


Not only do we have Little Warriors (3-5 year olds), but we have Kids Kenpo (5-8 year olds), Advanced Kenpo (9+ year olds), and kids Jiu Jitsu.

We offer adult Jiu Jitsu classes as well as Self Defense and Kenpo.

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